What is the story behind this collaboration between Autoban and L’ist Istinye Suites?
L’ist İstinye Suites and Autoban’s perspectives coincide with each other as they share similar views on architectural design and a superior way of living by design. Like Autoban, we believe in a holistic approach to living areas covering all aspect such as landscaping, architecture and interior design. We were convinced that the collaborative synergy would be a desirable one when we saw that both establishments share similar core values and taste. We believe that the show flat project has been a very successful one that is unrivalled and noteworthy of seeing.

What are the differences between L’Ist Istinye Suites and Other Projects and Unique Concepts
One of the special characteristics of L’Ist Istinye Suites is that it creates a sense of privacy but with a sense of community provided through the fantastic facilities that form part of the compound. The correct correlation of location, terrain and landscape, the elegant use of water and the quality of materials used are some of the other characteristics that distinguish L’ist Istinye Suites from other projects. Autoban has taken these unique characteristics as a reference point and developed a sound design perspective with aspects that convert living spaces into areas of comfort, joy and taste. The strong flavour of the design finds life in the usage of wood, natural stone and metal, offering a new way of living that is far removed from the cliché.

L’ist İstinye Suites’ location and the design are the main sources of inspiration in the show flat design. On the slopes of Istinye, with its precious location overlooking the Bosphorus, this project emphasises a premium living standard and reinforces it with the fabulous range of facilities. This life-style offer has been made possible through a well structured architectural design, created for residents who spare time for themselves and know how to lead a quality lifestyle.

Architectural Details & Materials Used
Autoban has offered a modern lifestyle in the design of the L’ist Istinye Suites show flat by using natural materials in line with the compound’s architecture. Accordingly, wood, natural stones and metal are the highlighted materials used in the interior design of this flat.

"L'ist Istinye Suites has different types of residence ranging from 2+1 to 5+1, garden and penthouse duplexes in a total of 14 blocks and 150 suites."